When your company identifies surplus assets, taking up value space and losing value every day, ANDbio will pay you directly AND we will handle dismantle and removal.  Our management team seamlessly integrates with your project leaders, helping your company identify and plan for large scale liquidations.

Send Us Your List Of Your Excess Assets

A single piece of equipment or an entire facility, send us a list of your non-productive item you have for sale (include make, model and photos) and our Evaluation Team will go to work.

Focused on your total satisfaction, ensuring goals are met and operations remain unaffected. We care about the environment and understand the impact recycling makes on our natural resources. We understand business and aim on bringing working capital back into your budget.

Offer competitive and fair prices for equipment purchase it is not always the best solution for your company. Once in our Capital Recovery Program, your excess assets will be on consignment, maximizing the best capital recovery value while also being available to be reused by your other business sectors.

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