Capital Recovery Options

ANDbio has developed a custom, turn-key, cloud-based dashboard, Asset Management Program that can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s internal website for easy procurement and reporting. With REUZEit, our program focuses on reducing/avoiding costs and maximizing capital recovery for each of our customers.

We attain these goals by monitoring and inventorying excess equipment, making it visable and available to other departments/entities in your organization.

Three main aspects are Cost Avoidance, Cost Savings and Capital Recovery

Cost Avoidance

Through our REUZEit Asset Management Program we record every pertinent detail of your surplus assets and publish them under a special login for your organization, allowing your lab managers and procurement specialists to search and browse your own surplus equipment.  With our intuitive interface, users organization-wide to have first opportunity to Repurpose or “Redeploy” surplus equipment elsewhere in your organization for a small fee, maximizing the usage of your equipment and avoiding the cost of buying new or used. Using the repurposing program by transferring capital assets into other internal divisions will alleviate redundant spending and keep your cost centers/budgets in the black.

Cost Savings

While a member of our Asset Management Program, you will not only have access to your own excess equipment for repurposing but you will have access to our large database of inventory from around the world. When you request equipment that is not in your surplus inventory, we can quickly and easily check all of our inventory lists to find the equipment you need at a fraction of the cost of new or used.  Once in our network, you will have direct discounts on “sourcing” used equipment from our entire network of surplus assets. Not only does this approach save you organization money, but it also saves time, so your scientists and staff can focus on operations.

Capital Recovery

Through the REUZEit Asset Management Program we will inventory and track surplus capital assets. While your assets will be available for repurposing, as previously discussed, we will also be marketing your assets onto a multi-platform marketing campaign.  We have an all-encompassing scope and network to be able to sell a variety of assets efficiently and at the maximum value possible. We provide custom reporting so consignment payments can be distributed back to the appropriate cost center as specified by your organization.