One of the best ways to recoup capital is to get maximum dollars for your equipment.  The consignment process allows time for us to find the right buyer for your equipment, the buyer is happy because we give them a GREAT value with 100% percent parts and labor warranty and excellent support and you get a great price for your equipment.  Allow us to manage everything for you.

We Offer a Turn-key Consignment Program

You identify the equipment that you anticipate will no longer be need.

We come to you lab and/or storage location(s) and process your equipment with our proprietary asset management and sales software.

We take detailed pictures and record pertinent information such as model, serial, condition, functionality and dimensions.

We include a detailed write up that highlights the features and benefits of your equipment, we research a fair market value, and we automatically post your advertisement to our web page and other various market places, such as LabX, eBay, and Used-Line.

After we all agree on terms of the consignment, we will remove your equipment and transport them to our warehouse.

We have experience transporting and storing a wide variety of lab equipment. We know that many specialized systems have particular storage and transportation procedures and we adhere to those, keeping your equipment safe from damage.

Whenever an item sells, we handle the transactions, the customers, the equipment, and the logistics and we send you a check.

Our consignment program is our most popular service, we have agreements with Thermo Fisher, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Life Technologies, Microgenics, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Hologenix, and many more.