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ANDbio, LLC has been serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, designing and constructing clean rooms. From time-to-time we would take high quality lab equipment as payment for services and sometime we take equipment that we needed to refurbish.

Over the years, ANDbio developed a industry leading equipment repurposing program, allowing large companies to pool their surplus equipment for redeployment elsewhere in the company, saving MILLIONS of dollars in unnecessary capital expenditures. ANDbio offers specialized range of asset services, including facility liquidations, professional storage, sensitive equipment transportation, equipment repairs, installations and preventative maintenance.

We still do this today; all of our equipment comes directly from our customers, the end users. We never buy from auction houses, or lots of equipment sight-unseen; we KNOW every piece of equipment we sell and we give you the best prices with a solid 100% money back guarantee.

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