ixmation Inc. - Adhesive Dispensing System

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Industrial Automatic Adhesive Dispensing System Machine for precision application 

Used - unit is Fully Functional. Excellent condition, very clean. Includes everything pictured. Unit will be tested before shipping. Comes with our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty.

2 units available (other unit is New and listed separately), This ad is for the one currently installed, could not get pictures at this time, please note item pictured is of the new one in the other listing.

Machine is manufactured by:

ixmation Inc..

ixmation is one of the leading providers worldwide for assembly automation systems, production and assembly solutions, including high-quality tailored solutions with full operations capabilities and support from one source to cover the entire production process. With four companies worldwide – including the United States, Malaysia and two locations in China -- 400 ixmation professionals and specialist are developing and building custom tailored automation systems for parts and devices in the continental and global production markets. 


Machine Overview:

A robot loads Cell Factory (CF) trays one at a time at Station 10*. Each tray is transferred into the machine (Sta 20*), and adhesive is dispensed all around the lip of the tray (Sta 30*). As trays are added, the machine stacks them and dispenses adhesive onto each one. The adhesive is partially cured by UV light during this process. Any adhesive in the viscosity range of 0.5 to 50,000 mPa s can be used.

When the last tray has been added, the stack is lowered and transferred to the back of the machine (Sta 40*). It is then lifted and rotated while a larger source of UV light completes the adhesive cure process. The tray stack is then returned to the bottom of the station and the back door of the machine opens, allowing an operator to manually unload the completed stack.

*Please see next to last photo for diagram of Machine Stations
Additional Information:
  • Controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC (ControlLogix5563 Processor)
  • Custom designed software
  • Machine was manufactured in 2011
  • Less than 200 hours of use


Machine Specifications, Technical Data, & General Information

Main Voltage:

480 VAC  3-phase

Serial Number
& Code Name:


 Peak Current:

18 Amps

Short Circuit Current:

10 kA RMS symmetrical;
480 VAC maximum

Running Current:

FLA 9 Amps


60 Hz

Main Fuse:

40 Amps


approx 8 ft

Interrupt Rating:

200 kA


approx 7 ft


80 psi


approx 9 ft


Control Logix 1756-L61


Refer to BOM and OEM documentation

Operator Interface:

Panel View Plus 700


Refer to OEM documentation

Parts list is available upon request.
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