TE Technology - TC-48-20 Thermoelectric Temperature Controller

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TE Technology TC-48-20 Thermoelectric Temperature Controller, 2 DC Axial Fans, 2 Cold Plates & Power Supply

Used - unit is fully functional. Good condition with minor cosmetic wear, please see photos for details. Includes everything pictured. Unit will be tested before shipping. Comes with our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty.

TC-48-20 Temperature Controller:

An easy to use yet powerful cool-only or heat-only PWM temperature controller. It is housed in a die-cast aluminum box, incorporates a keypad and display, and is capable of controlling from 0 to 50 volts and up to 20 amps.

Two versatile alarm outputs are included, each capable of switching up to 1 amp of current.

If a true linear-output control system is desired (for applications extremely sensitive to electrical noise) the TC-48-20 can be used as the control head for high-power, variable-output linear supplies. Most control parameters can be programmed via the built-in keypad, but the controller can also be connected to a computer via an optional RS232 serial cable for more advanced program control as well as data graphing and data logging. Software is required (not included) for computer use. 


  • Control board, keypad and display housed in a durable metal enclosure provide a complete temperature control solution
  • Maximum output current: 20 A combined TE device and alarm current (Note: controller does not have current limiting capability or internal fuse protection)
  • Cool-only or heat-only control modes, menu selectable
  • Temperature control range: -20 C to +100 C using the MP-3193 thermistor supplied with the controller, or -20 C to +85 C using a thermistor equivalent to 10 k-ohm, curve “B” from YSI Temperature, Inc.
  • Optional secondary thermistor input for sensing alarm conditions
  • Two available alarm outputs, capable of sinking up to 1 A each, for triggering alarms based on the primary (control) sensor and/or secondary sensor
  • Best-case control stability 0.1 C (when controlling a cold plate)
  • Proportional (P) bandwidth adjustment: 0.5 C to 100.0 C
  • Integral gain (I) adjustment: 0.00 to 10.00 repeats per minute
  • Derivative gain (D) adjustment: 0.00 to 10.00 cycles per minute
  • Output: square wave, 337 Hz, pulse-width modulated, with soft start
  • Analog proportional output signal for controlling programmable linear power supplies
  • Operating temperature range (non-condensing, total combined alarm and load current): Minimum: 0 C, Maximum: 48 C in horizontal orientation, 20 A output; 55 C vertical orientation, 20 A output; 53 C horizontal orientation, 17 A output; 59 C vertical orientation, 17 A output.
  • Built-in keypad can be used to program most of the controller’s parameters by way of easy to understand options.
  • RoHS compliant


The TC-48-20 is a cool-only or heat-only thermoelectric temperature controller capable of controlling up to 50 volts and 20 amps. One standard thermistor, model MP-3193, is included. A second thermistor can be attached for monitoring and alarm purposes. The controller is housed in a die-cast aluminum box and incorporates a keypad and a liquid-crystal display. The display allows the user to monitor the sensor temperature, power output level, and menu settings. The integrated keypad accesses an easy-to-use menu system, allowing the user to adjust all of the basic controller parameters such as the set temperature, tuning parameters, and alarm parameters. The controller can also be connected to a computer via an RS232 serial port for more advanced program control as well as data graphing and data logging, using software.

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Type 622 HH DC Axial Compact Fan (qty. 2):

Nominal voltage VDC 12

Nominal voltage range VDC 8 .. 15

Speed (rpm) min-1 8200

Power consumption W 3.5

Min. ambient temperature °C -20

Max. ambient temperature °C 70

Air flow m3/h 56

Sound power level B 5.6

Sound pressure level dB(A) 43

ml = Max. load · me = Max. efficiency · fa = Free air · cs = Customer specification · ce = Customer equipment

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