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Boston Round Filler Capper -

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Pharmaceutical Filler / Capper - Boston Round, Oval bottles, lots of accessories

FIllING and CAPPING machine, fully automated for high-through put, and flexible for a variety of bottles and liquids. 

Completely modified with all sanitary fittings, it was FDA certified until we removed it in 2014.  The owner moved production over seas and no longer needs this system.  It is in PERFECT condition.  

Viscosity of solution 1.42 to 9.22 centristokes (cleaner)
10 to 40 centristrokes (solution)

This is a complete filling and capping system. This system was used to fill eye dropper bottles for human contact lense solution. it was a somewhat soapy solution, so the filler capper could only run at 30 to 50 bottles per minute.  If your solution does not foam, you should be able to fill even more bottles per minutes. Everything is pharmacuetical grade.

This includes everything pictured including the particle counter too!

The System has two heads and two pumps for dual stage filling (this is helpful for bubbly solutions and speed)

The system feeds the bottle, fills it, then places a tip and presses the tip on, places the cap, and then screws the cap on.  This unit operated inside of a cleanroom to meet FDA standards. the system can be reconfigured to fill glass bottles, a variety of viscosities can be used depending on the pump, and various different size bottles can be used:

It is currently configured these bottles:

  • 1/2 oz Boston Round
  • 1 oz  Boston Round
  • 2 oz Boston Round
  • 4 oz Boston Round
  • 1.25 oz Oval bottles
  • 4 oz Oval bottles

With 20mm cap and tip for Boston Round bottles

and 18mm cap and tip for Oval Bottles

This includes user manuals, spec sheets, and much more. 

The system is currently in storage.  Please contact us if you would like to arrange viewing or if you need a professional engineer to set up and validate the system for you.



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