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Thermo Scientific - Exactive

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Thermo Scientific Exactive Mass Spectrometer benchtop LC-MS system

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Used - unit was removed from a working environment. Some visual cosmetic wear from use and storage, please see photos for details. Includes our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty.


• Thermo Scientific Exactive Mass Spectrometer

• Dell Optiplex 950 Desktop with keyboard & mouse

• PowerVar 240V Power Conditioner

• Fusion 100T Syringe Pump

• Rheodyne Ultralife Switching Valve P/N: MXT715-000

• Allied Telesyn Ethernet Switch, Model No. : AT-FS705L

• Software needs to be updated


Fast Screening for Confident Compound ID
Food Safety • Environmental • Clinical Research • Forensic Toxicology • Drug Discovery

Designed for high-throughput for both qualitative and quantitative analysis and high-performance screening and compound identification applications, Exactive benchtop LC-MS system leverages the companys proven Orbitrap* mass analyzer technology, the recognized standard for accurate mass and high-resolution measurement, to provide fast, reproducible, precise and reliable results — without compromise. It is fast, easy to use, cost effective to operate and, coupled with workflow-driven software, makes an ideal instrument for new users in routine analytical laboratories.
  • Compound screening using high resolution accurate mass
  • "All Ion Fragmentation" for structural elucidation
  • Up to 100,000 resolution for complex sample analysis
  • Benchtop LC-MS with FTMS performance

The Thermo Scientific Exactive begins a new era in high resolution benchtop mass spectrometry for simple and complex sample screening. This easy-to-use LC-MS system delivers accurate mass for every scan without the need for data averaging. Operating at a 10 Hz scanning frequency Exactive is fully compatible with U-HPLC and ensures exact mass measurement for fast chromatography applications.

  • Streamlines many of the technical steps that normally require specialized setup and operation
  • Intuitive software interface makes the system easy to use in both expert and walk-up mode; ensures precise mass identification of target compounds over a wide concentration range
  • Sets new standards for LC-MS performance at resolutions of up to 100,000
  • Pathfinder software provides the right workflow for the right analysis, enabling experienced users to tune and optimize the system, develop methods and perform a wide range of experiments
  • New users and non-mass spectrometrists can easily follow developed methods to get analytical answers quickly and automatically
  • If necessary, both levels of users can then jointly utilize Pathfinder data review capabilitie

Set and forget using all resolution settings of up to 100,000, the Exactive is fully compatible with fast U-HPLC and delivers accurate mass information all the time — for every scan.

Simply use the system in default mode and select the required scan speed.

The key to faster, unambiguous results is high resolution and accurate mass

Powered by patented Thermo Scientific Orbitrap™ technology, the Exactive™ provides fast, sensitive, reliable, and confident detection and identification of compounds in complex mixtures while maintaining full compatibility with U-HPLC and fast chromatography. The Exactive benchtop mass spec is based on an API ion source combined with a stand alone Orbitrap mass analyzer. The combination of Orbitrap technology with linear ion trap has become an established platform for high resolution, accurate mass LC/MSn analysis of complex mixtures. Several key applications are ideally suited to the use of the Exactive MS, such as:

  • Exact mass measurements of organic compounds
  • Early drug discovery metabolism and pharmokinetics (DMPK)
  • General unknown screening
  • Multiple residue analysis (Pesticides, Mycotoxins, veterinary drugs)
  • Metabolomics


  • Easy to operate
  • High efficiency “All Ion Fragmentation” Higher Energy Collision Induced Dissociation (HCD)
  • Mass resolutions of up to 100,000
  • Mass range m/z 50-4,000
  • Scan speeds up to 10 Hz
  • High in-scan dynamic range (4 orders of magnitude)
  • Mass accuracies of better than 2ppm in full scan and “All Ion Fragmentation” mode
  • Fast polarity switching (full cycle of 1 positive and 1 negative scan within 1 second)
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