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GE Healthcare - Biacore 4000

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GE Healthcare Biacore 4000

System is in great shape and still under manufacturer warranty until 3/2018! It was manufactured on 12/2015 and was professionally decommissioned and crated by GE on 5/2017.

     Biacore 4000 is a SPR system for large-scale, label-free analysis in drug discovery providing
high-throughput without compromise on data quality. The system hardware and software provide
innovative solutions for maximizing productivity in key areas such as antibody selection, biotherapeutic
and small molecule (LMW) drug discovery.
• High sensitivity and high quality interaction data for better-informed decision making
• 60 h unattended operation with parallel analysis of up to 16 targets
• Large-scale molecular analysis generating up to 4800 interactions in 24 h
• Innovative software solutions for increased productivity and performance
Innovative software solutions for increased
productivity and performance
     Biacore 4000 delivers high quality kinetic, affinity, concentration, specificity, and binding data in
screening assays and detailed characterization studies. The system is designed for large-scale, parallel
interaction analysis and can be used during multiple phases of drug discovery, from early screening to
• Fragment and LMW compound screening
• Compound hit validation, hit-to-lead characterization, and lead optimization of compounds
• Antibody and antibody fragment screening and characterization

Comes with optional LMW Extension Package: Optimized for small molecule drug discovery, especially fragment screening.

Product Data

Complete Packsize 1 Piece
Application Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping, immunogenicity*, concentration analysis.
Includes Biacore 4000 includes a processing unit, control and evaluation software, Windows operating system, barcode scanner and a dedicated trolley for the processing unit and thermostat unit. The computer and the external thermostat unit for reliable temperature control of sample compartment are ordered seperately.
Association Rate (ka) (proteins) 103 to 109 M-1s-1
Dissociation Rate (kd) 5 × 10-5 to 1 s-1
Affinity Range fM to mM
Concentration Range 2 pM to 2 mM
Precision (concentration analysis) < 5% CV
Molecular Weight Limit > Mr 50
Baseline Noise < 0.1 RU (RMS)
Baseline Drift < 0.3 RU/min in ambient temperature range 15°C to 35°C
Sample Volume (kinetics) 28 to 376 μL
Immobilized Molecule Consumption 3 to 10 μg/spot
Analysis Temperature 4°C to 40°C
Sample Storage Temperature 4°C to 40°C
Data Collection Rate 1 or 10 Hz
Sample Capacity Antibodies: 10 × 96, LMW: 6 × 384
Number of Flow Cells 4 × 5 spots
Unattended Run Time 60 h
Data Evaluation Time 120 curve sets < 6 min
GxP Support Yes (included)
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