Invitrogen - ZP10001 Zoom Dual Power

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Invitrogen Zoom Dual Power Supply (100-120 VAC 47-60hz)

This unit is in good working condition, for more details see pictures.

The ZOOM® Dual Power is a microprocessor-controlled programmable power supply capable of running both high voltage/low current and high current/low voltage applications concurrently. The high voltage/low current section is ideal for sample fractionation, IPG strips, IEF, and DNA sequencing applications. The low voltage/high current section is for SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, second-dimension SDS-PAGE, DNA/RNA electrophoresis, and blotting applications. Four sets of output jacks on each side of the unit allow for multiple apparatus to run simultaneously, offering greater workflow efficiency and higher sample throughput. Some of the important features of the ZOOM® Dual Power unit include:
• High voltage/low current and low voltage/high current sides can be used independently and concurrently
• Multiple output jacks allow for the simultaneous running of up to four electrophoresis apparatus on each side of the unit
• Memory stores up to 30 programs (15 programs per side) of up to six

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