Arcturus - Veritas Microdissection Instrument Model 704

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Arcturus Veritas Microdissection Instrument IR and UV - Epifluorescence 704

This unit is in good working condition and will be tested before it ships. Comes with our 30-Day, 100% No-Hassle warranty.

The Veritas Microdissection Instrument provides and automated approach to microdissecting individual cells or multi-cellular structures from slides containing tissue sections or cytological samples.

The Veritas Microdissection Instrument consists of the Veritas instrument, a computer and the Veritas software application.

This model has IR capture laser and UV cutting laser with epifluorescence.

With the 704, the cutting allows for quick capture of large regions of tissue. Additionally, a cutting laser allows you to ablate – remove via photo volatilization – tissue that is not of interest, to ensure higher purity samples.

You can perform LCM on fluorescence labeled samples. The fluorescence source is the X-cite 120 from EXFO Photonics.


•Omega Optical filter 10746-00 BX-23

•Omega Optical filter 10747-00 BX-55

•Omega Optical filter 10748-00 BX-150 objectives:1

•Nikon Plan Fluor ELWD 40X/0.60 DIC M/N12

•Nikon Plan UW 2X/0.06 ∞/- WD. 7.53

•Plan Fluor ELWD 20x/0.4 ∞/0-2 WD4

•Nikon Plan Fluor 10x/0.30 Ph1 DL ∞/1.2 WD 15.2Hitachi Digital CCD Color camera Model KP-D590P

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