Facility Liquidation / Transportation

Repurposing Excess Assets Just Got Easier

A campus in your organization just finished their project, or a large site is merging with another, and you have excess surplus equipment. Some of it goes into storage closets, clutters the room, depreciates in off-site storage units, or worse… the landfill. Meanwhile, another facility in your organization, maybe across town, across the country, or the world is requesting to purchase new equipment for a completely different project.

What if you could bring it all together on a global scale?

That’s what we do at ANDbio, AND… a lot more. We give your organization the power to reuse its own equipment. Seems like a no-brainer, but in the fast-moving technology of today and new models coming out every year, tons of lab equipment is dumped into landfills every day. And it doesn’t have to!

Saving money, valuable time and space, and strengthening your Corporate Social Responsibility Plan is good business. Redeploying and reusing your own equipment stretches your capital and reduces costs.

When a campus or facility closes, moves, or merges, there’s always a lot of valuable equipment and consumables that fall out. ANDbio not only captures your assets, we make them available again, organization wide; managing the entire life cycle of your equipment: project planning, AND execution, AND equipment procurement, AND inventory management AND redeploying equipment world-wide.

Our turn-key solution can integrate with your internal intranet and our team can be as flexible and wide-reaching as your organization requires. Empowering your employees with ANDbio’s custom web portal; a supervised personal in Boston can upload images using any smartphone device, input make, model and check some boxes, and it automatically posts to your surplus catalog. Our trained processors go to work, adding features and benefits information and when another manager sees the equipment they need, ANDbio coordinates the removal, transport, and deployment to its new home.

Whether it’s one piece or an entire campus, we can remove, inventory, store and redeploy your lab equipment. If and when, the equipment is no longer needed, we’ll sell it for you, recovering millions more in capital.