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BIO RAD HydroTech Vacuum Pump Electrophoresis gel drying

Used – unit is fully functional. Good condition with minor cosmetic wear from regular use, please see photos for details. Includes everything pictured. Unit will be tested before shipping. Comes with our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty.

There is really not much that could go wrong with these maintenance free pumps, they last forever.

The HydroTech vacuum pump* is perfect for electrophoresis gel drying and for many other applications requiring a continuous vacuum of greater than 29 inches of mercury (23.4 Torr).** The pump works well with the Model 583 gel dryer, but could work with any gel dryer.

The HydroTech vacuum pump uses ordinary tap water, not vacuum pump oil, eliminating the need to change and dispose off potentially hazardous waste. All internal wetted surfaces of the pump are made of corrosion-resistant materials. There is no need for a vapor trap because the HydroTech pump traps all gel drying liquids and vapors directly in the 4 L water reservoir. When the reservoir is full, connect the drain line, switch the pump on, and it will empty itself in less than a minute. Then refill with fresh water and the pump is ready to go.

The completely self-contained HydroTech pump produces vacuum by pumping pressurized water through dual venturi injectors. Vacuum is temperature dependent, and the HydroTech pump is the only vacuum pump of its kind that maintains a strong, constant vacuum because it also circulates the water through a cooling unit to dissipate heat. When the power is shut off, a check valve prevents the circulating water from siphoning back into the gel dryer.

With quick-disconnect fittings on the vacuum and drain lines, the HydroTech pump can be separated from a gel dryer with a push of a button. A one-way drain valve prevents drips and leaks from the drain line. Convenient swivel casters provide complete mobility of the pump around the laboratory.

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