Trinity Biotech – Ultra 2 Dual Assay A1C Analyzer

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Trinity Biotech Ultra 2 Dual Assay A1C Analyzer w/Gilson 215 Liquid Handler

Used – unit is in great working condition, please see photos for details. Includes everything pictured. Unit will be tested before shipping. Comes with our 30-day, 100% no hassle warranty.

This system includes the following: Gilson 215 Liquid Handler, Gilson Ultra2 UV/VIS detector-152, Gilson Ultra2 column heater, Gilson 321/322 pump, Gilson GX819 injection module, Powervar power conditioner Model ABC1000-11, computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and software.

This unit has always been under service contract and is only 5 years old. It retails for $85k brand new.

Automatic sampling and injection system

The Ultra2 A1c combines the advantages of boronate affinity separation with the precision, convenience and automation of high-performance liquid chromatography. Boronate affinity chromatography is free from common interferences such as haemoglobin variants, non-glycation modifications and storage-related hemichromes. It requires no sample pretreatment to remove the labile component, since only stable (ketoamine-linked) GHb is retained by the boronate.

Compared to ion-exchange techniques, affinity separation is also less sensitive to quantitative errors caused by minor fluctuations in reagent pH and ionic strength. The Ultra2 A1c software is especially designed for GHb/HbA1c analysis. It controls the four basic system operation functions of sample identification, instrument operation, calculation of results and printing (and storing) complete reports with the availability of reprinting batch summary reports and chromatograms from computer storage.

  • Small sample volume required: whole blood or packed red blood cells from any type blood tube
  • Keyboard entry or barcode scanning of patient sample identification information
  • Computer-controlled unattended operation
  • Individual sample reports with MBG and area of peaks, %GHb, %HbA1c (NGSP), mMol HbA1c/mol Hb (IFCC) and eAG (estimated average glucose)
  • Summary report of test results from each batch run
  • Real-time display to monitor system operation
  • Minimum readable division: area percent = 0.1%
  • Sample capacity: 475 samples per batch using the 215 Liquid Handler
  • Throughput rate: 2 minutes per injection


FDA clearance and CE marked.


Gilson 215 Liquid Handler

The 215 Liquid Handler is a large-bed liquid handler used for performing dilutions, aliquoting solutions, mixing, plate reformatting, reconstituting samples, and more. It accommodates more than 330 racks to hold virtually any type of sample vessel, and has a punch strength capable of piercing thick or thin septa and microplate mats. 

Single-probe, “workhorse” liquid handler and autosampler delivers a robust performance for fast and accurate direct injection onto HPLC or LC/MS systems. Suitable for a wide variety of applications. Performs injection, fraction collection and re-injection of collected fractions on one platform. Flexible liquid handler and injector is engineered to improve throughput for drug discovery and drug metabolism laboratories. High-throughput capacity is ideal for parallel injection onto HPLC or LC/MS systems.


Gilson 152 UV/VIS Detector

The Gilson 152 UV/VIS Detector is a microprocessor-controlled absorbance detector that provides single wavelength detection. It is a compatible components of a Gilson modular HPLC system.

The 152 Detector must be controlled via external software since it does not have an integral front panel display. For information on how to control the 152 Detector, refer to the user’s guide for the controlling software.

(link to users guide:


Gilson 321/322 pump

(link to users guide:


Gilson 819 injection module



The 819 Injection Module enables you to inject samples onto an HPLC system. It is used with a 215 Liquid Handler.

(link to users guide:

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