Tecan – SPE Te-VacS Vacuum Separation Module


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Tecan SPE Te-Vacs Automated Vacuum Separation Module

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Fully automated vacuum separation:

The Te-VacS system is a versatile vacuum separation module for Tecan pipetting platforms. It is designed to fully automate cartridge-based filtration and/or solid phase extraction (SPE) processes. The Te-VacS is able to host virtually any microplate type extraction cartridge. It can be operated singly or in combination with other modules on Tecan pipetting platforms thereby eliminating cost-intensive hands-on time by lab personnel.

The Te-VacS module provides two separate vacuum positions connected to a high performance vacuum pump, with separate vent lines for each vacuum position to prevent aerosol-caused cross-contamination. The module can easily be integrated into the Freedom EVO® or Genesis™-based workstations without the need for an external power supply.

The Te-VacS can be used for all nucleic acid purification applications, such as:

  • extraction of plasmid DNA 
  • purification of PCR products and cycle sequencing products 
  • purification of genomic DNA from blood, body fluids, cells, tissue, micro-organisms, food or plants 
  • isolation of viral nucleic acids from blood plasma or serum. 

Its use, however, is not limited to nucleic acid processing, and the Te-VacS is also valuable for other applications:

  • filtration and ultra-filtration 
  • extraction of drugs from blood plasma. 

Not for use in clinical diagnostics.

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