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Invitrogen Neon MPK 5000 Neon Transfection System

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 The Neon® Transfection System enables fast and efficient delivery of nucleic acids into all mammalian cell types, including primary, stem, and difficult-to-transfect cells. The flexible and open system allows the user to perform high-quality transfections using optimized or user-defined protocols in three simple steps with as few as 2 × 104 cells per reaction. A novel reaction chamber provides a dramatic increase in transfection efficiency and cell viability. The Neon® Transfection System is:


Efficient—up to 90% in many cell types, including difficult-to-transfect cells, primary, and stem cells


Flexible—easily transfect from 2 × 104 cells to 6 × 106 cells per reaction


Simple—easy to use, with a single reagent kit for all cell types


Versatile—open system allows electroporation parameters to be optimized freely




One-of-a-kind electroporation


Unlike standard cuvette-based electroporation chambers, the Neon® system uses a patented, biologically compatible pipette tip chamber that generates a more uniform electric field. Neon® Tips are components of the Neon® Transfection System Kits, available in 100 µL and 10 µL formats for large- and small-scale transfections (see a list of Neon® Transfection System Kits and Accessories). This design allows better maintenance of physiological conditions, resulting in very high cell survival compared to conventional electroporation (see figure).




Plug-n-play out of the box


The transfection process couldn’t be simpler. Draw up the cells and plasmid mix into the Neon® pipette tip, plug into the pipette holder, and press start. Then just pipette the transfected cells into your culture vessel. No more filling and pulling sample from the cuvette and capping and de-capping. The Neon® system uses a simple 3-step transfection procedure. The transfection occurs in the Neon® pipette tip.




Perform more transfections with limited or precious cells


Your cells may be limited when you are required to perform neuronal preps or when enriching for homogeneous cell populations via FACS or Dynabeads® enrichment. In these instances, reducing the number of cells required per transfection can allow you to perform more complex experiments with your precious cells.

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