Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple
Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple - 0 Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple - 1 Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple - 2 Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple - 3 Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer.  new in original box, comple - 4

Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer. new in original box, comple

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Manufacturer: Titertek Berthold

Model: Smart Line TL

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Titertek Berthold - Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer. new in original box, comple

NEW, UNOPENED, Tube Luminometer

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Model: Smart Line TL Tube Luminometer

Make: Titertek Berthold, Berthold Detections Systems GmbH

Made in Germany: 120v; 220v 50/60hz

The Smart Line is a tube luminometer ideally suited for your luminescence (diagnostic) assays. The instrument is equipped with an integrated printer and can be upgraded with up to two injectors.

The Smart Line uses an smart assay card to store the complete protocol and analysis. The assay card is programmed using the Master System by lab supervisors or assay manufacturers. Guided user dialogues on the card make daily routine easy.


Stand-alone with key-pad operation

Integrated printer

Up to two injectors

Integrated software

Qualitative data analysis (cut-off)

Quantitative (standard curve with regression, cubic spline, 4PL)

Assay card stores protocol & analysis

Protection from unauthorized manipulation


Qualitative Luminescent Immunoassays

Competitive Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA) (bound + free fraction)

Immuno-Luminometric Assays (ILMA)

DNA/RNA Probe Assays

Assay Card

The Assay Card is a smart card with an embedded memory chip that stores

assay protocol parameters and data reduction procedure. Each protocol

is stored on a separate card. The protocols are introduced to the luminometer

by inserting the appropriate Assay Card in the easily accessible slot on

the front of the luminometer. Assay Card technology makes switching from

one protocol to another quick and easy by simply replacing the Assay Card

in the instrument.


The Smart Line TL single tube luminometer is designed for low to medium

throughput level. It is a small, user-friendly instrument that combines

a distinctive mechanical design with advanced photon counting electronics and

a highly sensitive detector. The unique sample chamber design makes certain

that the samples are always loaded properly and effortlessly. The sample

holder optimizes light collection. It guarantees the correct positioning of each

sample and ensures homogeneous sensitivity. For the best possible sensitivity,

the detector is located under the sample chamber in very close proximity

to the sample. The photon counting electronics provide the lowest signal background

and the highest linearity.

Injection System

The Smart Line TL can be equipped with up to two high precision reagent

injectors. Variable injection speed and precise injector positioning allow

homogenous mixing of reagents for every type of sample, including coated

tubes, coated beads and magnetic particles. The injector lines are built

of chemically inert materials. The Smart Line TL is equipped with reliable,

bellow-type injector pumps. The unique Smart Line TL design permits

easy service access to all components of the injection system. Priming and

cleaning of the injection lines in Smart Line TL is an easy and error proof

procedure. All necessary priming and cleaning sequences can be stored on

individual smart cards.

Data Evaluation

The Smart Line TL is capable of processing both qualitative and quantitative

assays. The on-board software supports automatic data processing by

utilizing settings stored on the Assay Card.

Qualitative data reduction

Employs Cut-off calculation algorithm with complete set of negative, positive

and undecided criteria to classify samples.

Quantitative data reduction

Full standard curve using up to 10 standards. Optional re-use of standard

curve with 2-point calibration.

Involves several curve fitting algorithms:


Smoothed cubic spline

Four-Parameter Logistics (4 PL)

Injector Specifications

DesignMicroprocessor controlled bellow-type injectors for optimal control

of injection profile.

Number of Injectors0, 1, 2 (upgrading possible).

Injection Volume20300 l in increments of 10 l.

Precision20 l: 1%; 100 l:

Luminometer Specifications

DetectorPhoton counter, spectral range 300-600 nm.

Measurement ChamberRetractable drawer with reflector.

Sample FormatTube 12 mm in diameter (75 or 55 mm length).

SensitivityBetter than 10 attomol ATP.

PrinterThermal matrix printer with 40 characters per line.

User InterfaceInternal smart card drive (read and write).

Data PortSerial interface (RS-232).

Power Requirements12 V, 2.5 A supplied through mains adapter (included).

DimensionsH: 25 cm, W: 32 cm, D: 20 cm

Weight3.9 kg including two injectors.

General Operating Software

(Microprocessor)Operation via Assay Card with guided user dialogue.

Automatic control of all measurement and injection functions.

Measurement and

Operating ParametersVariable measuring and delay time settings in increments of 0.1s.

Flexible injector volume and injection delay time settings.

Data output in RLU or RLU/sec.

Short-term kinetics.

Data Reduction AlgorithmsQualitative evaluation: Cut-off.

Quantitative evaluation: Regression, Smoothed Cubic Spline with lin/lin,

lin/log or logit/log transformation, Four-Parameter Logistics (4PL).

Automatic Online Data

Processing SoftwareCut-off classification: pos./neg./questionable.

Evaluation of standard curve from 2-10 standards.

Reuse of standard curve with up to 2 calibrators.

Controls (0-6)

System Set-up ToolsIndividual priming/washing routine via smart card or keypad.

Light-check function via smart card or keypad.

Additional Software FeaturesReagent level control.

Length: 30"
Width: 24"
Height: 24"
Weight: 18 lbs

Condition: New
Working: Yes

Includes: What is shown in pictures